What is MoreLocal?   

MoreLocal is a website that uses a recommender system and geolocation AI program that helps you find different small businesses near you. Especially nowadays, it’s important to support the smaller businesses that depend on customers to run. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat, or a place to get your hair cut, MoreLocal has your back.

What do we offer?

We offer an AI that will recommend a business based on your tastes and interests. Use a search bar and narrow down your results with our search filters to find a business you’re looking for. Start by searching for a general category, and our filters will narrow down the search based on the business type, location and ratings.

How to apply your business to MoreLocal:

-Go to register business page.

-Make sure to be signed in!

-Provide your business name and contact info

It’s that easy! Our AI will automatically create a page for your business on our website. Then you can edit your settings to specify your area, business type and general updates!

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